Acquiring & Maintenance of the Equipment

Acquiring new equipment

Material wears and equipment gets old, it is a natural circle of life. It is also natural to buy some new equipment from time to time. As a club we rely on member's ideas and therefore we ask you to propose what should be replaced...

In order to acquire new equipment for the club, please first propose it to the club's mailing list ( It is good to get different musicians' opinion on the proposed material and usually some experience on the durability of certain parts is valuable to receive.

Once a consensus has been reached on the item to buy (and it has been approved by the board), please place an order at a shop and have it delivered to your place. Please send the order confirmation to the board, and we will reimburse you. When you receive the package, please bring it to the local and inform the club that you have done so.

Maintenance of equipment

In the unfortunate event of damage to equipment in the localsĀ please report it immediately to the board.

Drum heads:

In the case of damage to the drum heads, you should find some spares in the unlocked cupboard behind the drums in the large locale. Please replace the damaged head with the spare and purchase a new spare. The club will reimburse you for this (see above). In case you do not find a spare, please inform the board.