CERN Hardronic Music Festival

The Hardronic Music Festival was created in 1989 by Silvano de Gennaro and, for the last three decades, has been coordinated by Simon Baird, Django Manglunki, Rusty Boyd, Daniel Vazquez Rivera, Arek Gorzawski and Tom Levens for the CERN MusiClub under the auspice the CERN Staff Association. The Festival is the opportunity for CERN Staff, Summer Students, Users, their friends and families, to come to the site and enjoy all types of live music, games and animations for kids, delicious food and cool drinks.

It started 30 years ago, as a very small event, on the terrace of Restaurant 1 in Meyrin. During the first years, the stage was the platform of a CERN truck, lent by the transport group. As it grew in subsequent years, the Festival had to be moved to a larger venue, on the fields of the CERN Prévessin site, near Restaurant 3 with big stages and the finest live music non-stop for eight hours along a great festival ambience. Although every year the festival had a different format: one or two days, mid-July or end of August, etc... most of the time we've been super lucky with the weather.

Join us for a real "CERN National Holiday"!

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Since the early days of the internet, Hardronic has been online. For some nostalgia, select a year below:

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