Large Locale

Large locale

The large locale is located in building 566, in the clubs area near CERN entrance A. You enter through a double door at the side of the building. You will get the key and the door code once you have joined the MusiClub.

The locale is equipped with:

  • A drum kit with cymbals.
  • Three guitar amps with cabinets.
  • A bass amp with 4x10 cabinet.
  • A Keyboard, synthesiser & hammond organ.
  • A PA with vocal mics and recording facilities.

New members will get a tour of the large locale, and instructions how to use the equipment.


Access to the CERN clubs area gate now requires a CERN access card to open outside of working hours (after 19h and at weekends). MusiClub members without a CERN affiliation can either call the guards on the intercom to request access or can be registered as an external user to get an access card.

Making reservations

  • You must book the slot in the booking sheet, even if you see that a locale is empty and you want to use it on the spot.
  • All band members have to be members of the MusiClub to use the facilities.
  • Each band can book only one high-usage slot per week (i.e. at noon, in the evening or at weekends). However:
    • It is okay to book additional slots in the morning or in the afternoon for longer practice periods.
    • It is okay to book multiple slots in the morning or afternoon in one week, for example if you want to practice for a gig.
    • It is okay to book additional high-usage slots that are available in the next week.
  • The last three weeks before a MusiClub gig or CERN event, performers have priority.
  • If you cannot make it, please cancel your booking as soon as you know. If you cancel a slot in the next week, the club members will receive an automatic e-mail notification.


A note for new or potential members: bands are allowed to make bookings for one year in advance. Most of the high-usage slots are booked throughout the year. Please see the availability of the locale in the table below:

Recording Tutorial

Thanks to Andrea & Geoffray, since July 1st, 2014, the large locale is equipped with recording facilities. Before trying to record, please download and read the recording tutorial.

Maintenance, Heating and AC

  • Please see the note on equipment maintenance.
  • Please do not turn off the power in the locale.
  • In winter, don't shut off the heating completely to prevent freezing damage. At the end of your slot, please make sure the four radiators in the room are set back to a low level.
  • In summer, use the AC and shut if off after practice. Don't play with open windows, or we might get complaints from the hospital (Hopital de la Tour). As a courtesy to the next band, please use the AC even if it is not super-hot, so that the room doesn't get too smelly.
  • Bands who are regular users of the large locale participate in the cleaning rota.