Small Locale

Small locale

The small locale is located in building 52/S-008, this is in the basement of the building which houses the CERN library. You must use the stairs on the west side of the library to gain access to the locale. Another entry to building 52 is in the corner just across from the main building where the CERN shuttle stops. Once your are in the building, take the stairs on the right of the elevator and go one floor down to the basement. Room S-008 is on your left.

The locale is equipped with:

  • An electronic drum kit.
  • An electric piano/synth.
  • A small guitar amp.
  • A small bass amp.
  • A small PA with vocal microphones.

It is especially suited for solo players or individual practice.


As the small locale is located on the CERN site, you must have a CERN access card to be able to access the locale. MusiClub members without a CERN affiliation can be registered as an external user to get an access card.

NEW: The small locale is now equipped with an electronic lock which opens using your CERN access card. Access is granted automatically to all club members. You can check if you have access here and please contact us if you don't. You also need to have validated your access card in the last 30 days by badging on a validation station, please see the procedure and list of validation stations. The closest one to the small locale is located in the main building 500/R-203 (where the bank & post office are) close to the elevators.

Making reservations

The booking policy for the small locale is not as restricted as for the large locale, since there are fewer users. So generally it is okay to make multiple bookings per week. However, please respect other members and give everybody a chance to use the room. If you have many bookings in a week you may be asked to cancel one if another member requests a slot. Also please remember that you must book the slot in the booking sheet, even if you see that a locale is empty and you want to use it on the spot.



To turn on the equipment:

First make sure the speakers, mixer and instruments are OFF before turning on the general switch. Then the proper way to turn the system on is:

  1. General switch
  2. Instruments (piano etc)
  3. Mixer (with masters at 0)
  4. Speakers

and the other way round to turn off: first turn off the speakers, then the mixer, then the instruments (piano...) then the general switch on the multi-plug.

Please switch off the equipment (in the correct order) and the electrical heater before you leave.