Minutes of the CERN MusiClub AGM 8th April 2015

Present: M Borgia, D Vasques Ribeira, A Thornton, P Vichoudis, S Leonisinis, D Manglunki, C Degeorge, D Momsen, C Thomas, N Adams, S Baird, V Krebs.

  1. Summary of MusiClub activities during 2014
    • The following new equipment was purchased during 2014; PA for DJ events and parties; Recording equipment and mixer for 566; 2 new floor monitors (1 old floor monitor failed); Two sets of LED stage lights
    • The following club activities were organised during 2014; 5 DJ club concerts at Restaurant 1; Music on the Lawn 28th June at restaurant 1; concert for the CERN Rugby club tournament on 27th September.
  2. The Treasurer presented the Club accounts for 2014, which were verified by P Vichoudis and D Vasques Ribeira. The accounts were approved and will be sent to the CCC.
  3. S Baird, D Manglunki & C Thomas were proposed as Club President, Secretary and Treasurer, and were elected.
  4. The following events for 2015 were discussed
    • Concert for the CERN rugby club tournament on 9th May. So far only 1 band have offered to play. If we can find a second band the concert will take place.
    • Concert for the Staff association 60th anniversary on 21st May at CERN. 1 band is def
    • It was agreed that the annual Music on the Lawn concert will take place at Restaurant 1 on Saturday 13th June (a call for bands will go out shortly)
    • D Vasques Ribeira & A Thornton will organise a dedicated MusiClub meeting to see if enough support can be found to organise a Hardronic this summer. V Krebs offered to help them. S Baird will send them a “things to do list” from previous Hardronics as a guide.
    • P Vichoudis asked about the possibility of organising gigs in collaboration with local clubs. The Scene and Undertown are two possibilities. S Baird will contact the Scene and V Krebs will try to find some contact information for the Undertown
  5. Any Other Business
    • D. Mommsen proposed to revamp the MusiClub www site and to host it on another external server. D Manglunki will contact her with info on the current site. Donna will create the new site and submit it for comments and approval to the members and board
    • S Baird will prepare a new cleaning rota for 566
    • It was agreed to look at replacing the drum kit in 566 and buying a new 4 by 10 bass cabinet. S Baird will e-mail club drummers and bass players for input.