New MusiClub booking system for 2020

Dear MusiClub members,

Happy new year to you all!

As we begin a new decade, we thought it was a good opportunity launch a brand new and shiny version of the MusiClub booking sheets :-)

The major new features that you will notice:

  1. A single login for all your bands (no more username1, username2, ... for different bands!). You can now select which band you want to make a booking for directly in the booking sheet. We have imported the bands based on our best knowledge, so please let us know if any band is missing from your list, or any are there which are no longer active!
  2. You can release a slot at any time (no more 48 hour restriction). The booking system will send an automatic e-mail to the club if you release a slot in the next 7 days to save you having to do it. However we encourage you to still release slots as early as possible to let other members benefit fully from them!

The new links for the large and small locales are below (please update your bookmarks):

Please note that you will have to reset your password in order to access your account.  Please also make note of the username in the email that you receive as it may have changed slightly from the one you were using before. If you have any issue to do this (or you don't know which e-mail we have registered) don't hesitate to contact us!

Bands who had paid before the end of December will find their regular slot pre-booked in the new system. Please cancel any weeks that you do not plan to use as soon as possible. If you had manually booked slots in the old system, apologies, you will need to rebook them!

And please let us know if you see any bugs... :-)

    The MusiClub board