Re: New MusiClub booking system for 2020

Dear MusiClub members,

We hope that you are enjoying the updated booking system. As a continuation of the renewal process, we have recently implemented a few more useful features:

  • We have implemented the booking constraints:
    • Only one prime time* slot can be booked per week (per band) in the large locale.
    • However, note that we do not impose any restriction in the next 7 days to allow bands to utilise any slots that are available at the last minute.
  • The cleaning rota has been integrated. Please see list at the bottom of the page and icons beside the current band. Please note that the list for 2020 is already up!
  • There is now a color-code in the booking sheet to highlight the current slot and passed slots. More will come with tracking of locale's usage...
  • Slot booking/release activity is logged for the purpose of 'last minute' abuse tracking. The latest actions for the month can be found at the bottom of the booking sheet.
  • Improved interface for navigation between months and deleting slots belonging to your band(s) (now done with the red cross next to the slot).
  • Statistics on the locale usage is now available on the website to allow new bands to see the chances to get a slot.

In parallel to that, our club's web page has been moved back to CERN infrastructure. This should have no real impact as the content has been migrated. But please update your bookmarks. As always, any feedback is appreciated on missing/incomplete information.

We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned as more changes will come soon!

    The MusiClub board

* Prime time slots: lunch time (12h-14h), evenings (17h-23h) & weekends.