Hardronic 2015: A Call for Heroes

Hi all you MusiClub fellows,

I write because I have volunteered to try to coordinate the efforts for the Hardronic 2015 today.

First things first, we will set up a meeting to see who are volunteering for the organization of the event. This is going to be a huge effort and a lot of things will have to be done before and during the Hardronic. In this first meeting we will decide if we have enough manpower to organize the event. If yes, we will propose dates for the event and start designing a list of tasks and a plan.

I suggest having a meeting next week of max. 30 minutes. I have created a doodle to choose the day and hour for the meeting: http://doodle.com/3x6pft62qrmzvucf

I will close the doodle on Sunday morning and send a mail to the list with the result. I will send a reminder as well the day of the meeting.

Please bear in mind if we are not enough people for this first meeting, there will be no further efforts to organize the Hardronic - at least not from me -.

Hope to see you next week, it's going to be fun.