IMPORTANT: CERN MusiClub Booking Sheet RULES policy changes

The CERN MusiClub, in the 2009 AGM and again in the 2009/2010 Board Meeting, approved changes to the booking sheet rules.  They are as follows:

  1.  You may only book one HIGH-USAGE spot per week.
  2. HIGH-USAGE spots are Monday through Friday from 12h00-14h00 and again from 18h00-0h00.
  3. All other spots, outside the times stated above, are available for multiple bookings.
  4. You must alert everyone on the mailing list, IMMEDIATELY when bookings are not going to be used, CANCEL* your rendezvous, if possible.
  5. Please do not book a “regular rehearsal spot” more than 2 months in advance. This allows for new bands to get the High-Usage and/or prime weekend spots from time to time as well.
  6. These rules will be used in both

*discussion is ongoing about shortening the window for cancellations, it is currently set at no less than 48 hours before the rehearsal spot begin.