Important Hardronic Access Information for Non-CERN Visitors

In cooperation with our CERN security staff, we have made arrangements that should make it much easier for friends not in possession of a CERN ID badge to attend the 2011 Hardronic Music Festival. Access can be arranged, as follows:

  1. Enter with someone who has a CERN ID badge. Any CERN MusiClub member is eligible to apply for one, free of cost (see the link on the home page).
  2. Have your friend or family member download an Official 2011 Hardronic Music Festival Guest Pass/Invitation, enter your name(s) then sign and print his/her CERN ID number. All you have to do then is present your official signed invitation to the guard at the Prevession site entrance.

It’s just that simple! We are grateful to the CERN security service for allowing us to make these special arrangement for the convenience of the CMC friends, fans and family.
Official 2011 Hardronic Music Festival Guest Pass/Invitation