MusiClub summer events update: Hardronic 2020 cancelled, Music on the Lawn postponed

Dear MusiClub members,


  1. The evolution of the situation on the CERN sites, especially access and gatherings restrictions, cancellation of the summer students and some other (audience-bringing) programmes.
  2. Cancellations of other summer festivals in the area (Paleo, Guitar en Scene, etc).

We have taken the decision to also cancel Hardronic 2020.

Image removed.

We aim to come back in 2021 with the usual, high energy music.

Music on the Lawn, which was planned for mid June, has also been postponed for the time being. If the situation allows, we will hopefully organise it in early autumn.

Stay safe, stay healthy,
    the MusiClub board

COVID-19 Important Update: CERN MusiClub closed until further notice

Dear MusiClub members,

We have just received an update from the CCC and CERN management regarding the restrictions placed on the clubs to limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Starting from TOMORROW (11th March) and until further notice "the activities carried out by the Clubs on the CERN site are suspended".

Please note that access to the MusiClub locales is not permitted to anyone during this time.

We count on the cooperation of all members in this matter.

Thanks for your understanding,
    the MusiClub board

CERN MusiClub - COVID-19 - Informations Importantes/Important Information

Dear MusiClub members,

Please find below important information from the Clubs Coordination Committee regarding the partial closure of the CERN Clubs in order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

From Monday 9th March and until further notice:

"Only people working on the CERN site and retirees shall participate in CERN Club activities. (family members and external club members requested to desist from club activities). The reason behind this decision is because the Organization only has a direct line of communication and link with this community."

This restriction includes all usage of the MusiClub locales for individual and group rehearsals. We count on the cooperation of all members in this matter. We apologise for the late notice but, as we are sure you can understand, the situation is evolving rapidly.

We hope you understand,
    the MusiClub board

Re: New MusiClub booking system for 2020

Dear MusiClub members,

We hope that you are enjoying the updated booking system. As a continuation of the renewal process, we have recently implemented a few more useful features:

    • We have implemented the booking constraints:
      • Only one prime time* slot can be booked per week (per band) in the large locale.
      • However, note that we do not impose any restriction in the next 7 days to allow bands to utilise any slots that are available at the last minute.
    • The cleaning rota has been integrated. Please see list at the bottom of the page and icons beside the current band. Please note that the list for 2020 is already up!
    • There is now a color-code in the booking sheet to highlight the current slot and passed slots. More will come with tracking of locale's usage...
    • Slot booking/release activity is logged for the purpose of 'last minute' abuse tracking. The latest actions for the month can be found at the bottom of the booking sheet.
    • Improved interface for navigation between months and deleting slots belonging to your band(s) (now done with the red cross next to the slot).
    • Statistics on the locale usage is now available on the website to allow new bands to see the chances to get a slot.

      In parallel to that, our club's web page has been moved back to CERN infrastructure. This should have no real impact as the content has been migrated. But please update your bookmarks. As always, any feedback is appreciated on missing/incomplete information.

      We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned as more changes will come soon!

          The MusiClub board

      * Prime time slots: lunch time (12h-14h), evenings (17h-23h) & weekends.


      New MusiClub booking system for 2020

      Dear MusiClub members,

      Happy new year to you all!

      As we begin a new decade, we thought it was a good opportunity launch a brand new and shiny version of the MusiClub booking sheets :-)

      The major new features that you will notice:

      1. A single login for all your bands (no more username1, username2, ... for different bands!). You can now select which band you want to make a booking for directly in the booking sheet. We have imported the bands based on our best knowledge, so please let us know if any band is missing from your list, or any are there which are no longer active!
      2. You can release a slot at any time (no more 48 hour restriction). The booking system will send an automatic e-mail to the club if you release a slot in the next 7 days to save you having to do it. However we encourage you to still release slots as early as possible to let other members benefit fully from them!

      The new links for the large and small locales are below (please update your bookmarks):

      Please note that you will have to reset your password in order to access your account.  Please also make note of the username in the email that you receive as it may have changed slightly from the one you were using before. If you have any issue to do this (or you don't know which e-mail we have registered) don't hesitate to contact us!

      Bands who had paid before the end of December will find their regular slot pre-booked in the new system. Please cancel any weeks that you do not plan to use as soon as possible. If you had manually booked slots in the old system, apologies, you will need to rebook them!

      And please let us know if you see any bugs... :-)

          The MusiClub board

      Music Club General Assembly 2019

      Dear all,

      the next General Assembly of the CERN MusiClub will take place on 

      Tue 5/11 at 12:30 in the large rehearsal room 566/R-001

      The draft agenda (still to be finalized) of topics we'are going to discuss:

      •  Approval of accounts
      • Status of equipment (new, old, repaired)
      • Membership fees / Booking system/ booking rules/ bookings deposits / etc.
      • Status of the locales (floor renovation, new cupboards, electronics locks)
      • Club events in 2020 (Hardronic, Music on the lawn, Relay Race)
      • Election of board members
      • AOB

      If you have any other club matters that you think should be discussed, please let us know before the AGM.

      During this General Assembly we will be also electing the club's board for the next year. Therefore, all club members who have an affiliation with CERN (staff members, users, contractors, alumni, and retirees) are encouraged to step up for the board elections.

      Greg, Arek, Django

      MusiClub acts during CERN Open Days 2019

      CERN Open Days

      MusiClub is happy to announce that some of its bands will be performing during a big public event in September 2019. CERN Open Days ( will happen on Sat 14th and Sun 15th of September. Look for the music in the 'International Village', near the Restaurant1, where the stage full of music will be shared with animations and discussions (Ask an Expert Q&A, and discussions on the Future Circular Collider). 

      SATURDAY 14th Sep
      13:00 Cover Ops
      14:30 The Canettes Blues Band
      16:00 The Honey Pot
      17:30 The Gipsy Boffins

      SUNDAY 15th Sep
      13:00 Danegeld
      14:30 The Curious Crowd
      16:00 Miss Proper and the Moving Targets
      17:30 Lasha

      CERN Hardronic Festival 2019

      Hardronic 2019 poster

      Created in 1989 by Silvano de Gennaro, for the last three decades coordinated by Simon Baird, Django Manglunki, Rusty Boyd, Daniel Vazquez Rivera and Arek Gorzawski under the auspice the CERN Staff Association, the Hardronic Festival is the opportunity for CERN Staff, Summer Students, Users, their friends and families, to come to the site and enjoy all types of live music, games and animations for kids, delicious food and cool drinks.

      It started 30 years ago, as a very small event, on the terrace of Restaurant 1 in Meyrin. During the first years, the stage was the platform of a CERN truck, lent by the transport group. As it grew in subsequent years, the Festival had to be moved to a larger venue, on the fields of the CERN Prevessin site, near Restaurant 3 with two big stages and finest live music non-stop for eight hours along a great festival ambiance. Although every year the festival had a different format: one or two days, mid-July or end of August, etc... most of the time we've been super lucky with the weather!

      Join us for a real "CERN National Holiday".

      In 2019, FOURTEEN of the finest CERN MusiClub bands will perform. Find here the full list of bands that confirmed their participation in the event:

      • Blast From The Past
      • Cover Ops
      • Danegeld
      • Diracula
      • Fuzzy Dunlop
      • Iberian Pigs
      • Mëtal Jüstice
      • Miss Proper
      • N.F.B.
      • Roundabout of Death
      • Skype Mom
      • The Curious Crowd
      • The Nearlies
      • The Tibetan Fox

      ... and MusiClub DJs closing the night

      Please find more details on:

      Music On The Lawn 2019



      The first from the summer concerts, Music on the Lawn, will take place on the terrace of restaurant 1 on the Meyrin site on the afternoon of Saturday 15th June.  Six of the MusiClub’s finest bands will be playing live. The music starts at 14h00.


      • Blast From the Past
      • Blend
      • Fuzzy Dunlop
      • Monks of Gold
      • NFB
      • The Canettes

      Summer festivals in 2019

      This summer the CERN MusiClub is organising two rock concerts at CERN. Both will feature many fine CERN bands, and admission to both is FREE!!!

      The first concert is Music on the Lawn, which will take place on the terrace of restaurant 1 on the Meyrin site on the afternoon of Saturday 15th June.  Six of the MusiClub’s finest bands will be playing live. The music starts at 14h00.

      The second event is the, now legendary, HARDRONIC Festival, which will take place on Saturday 20th July behind restaurant 3 on the Prevessin site. This festival will feature all of the MusiClub’s best bands, plus the club’s DJ section. Two stages will ensure the action will be non-stop through the afternoon and evening.  As usual food and drink will be on-sale, with all proceeds going to charity.

      The CERN MusiClub would like to thank the CERN Management and the CERN Staff Association for their continued, and invaluable, support, without which it would not to be possible organise either of these events for the whole CERN community.