Get ready for the Hardronic Music Festival, here!

We have everything here that you need to get ready for 2011 Hardronic Music Festival! Scroll down to find:

Information on transportation between the Festival and building 500 at the Meyrin CERN site

Invitations for your friends who don’t have CERN IDs

The band line up for both nights

and more!

Scroll down and enjoy and we’ll see you at the Festival!

Important Hardronic Access Information for Non-CERN Visitors

In cooperation with our CERN security staff, we have made arrangements that should make it much easier for friends not in possession of a CERN ID badge to attend the 2011 Hardronic Music Festival. Access can be arranged, as follows:

  1. Enter with someone who has a CERN ID badge. Any CERN MusiClub member is eligible to apply for one, free of cost (see the link on the home page).
  2. Have your friend or family member download an Official 2011 Hardronic Music Festival Guest Pass/Invitation, enter your name(s) then sign and print his/her CERN ID number. All you have to do then is present your official signed invitation to the guard at the Prevession site entrance.

It’s just that simple! We are grateful to the CERN security service for allowing us to make these special arrangement for the convenience of the CMC friends, fans and family.
Official 2011 Hardronic Music Festival Guest Pass/Invitation

2011 Hardronic Music Festival is HEATING UP!

The heat is on…

The beer truck is ready to roll….

The bouncy castle is breathless with anticipation……

The stage is set for ———

Hardronic 2011 Poster

Make plans to attend the biggest party at CERN. This is the largest of several events the CERN MusiClub produces to show our appreciation to CERN Staff, Users, Associates, Contractors, Family and Friends for their support. It’s also a lot of FANTASTIC MUSIC, Great Food, BEER, wine - cold drinks and a wonderful atmosphere. The Hardronic BANDS, MusiClub members and friends work hard to put on a great show.

ONCE AGAIN, we are featuring two nights of Rock ‘n Roll and Blues - and the PRICE CAN’T BE BEAT - IT’S FREE ENTRY!!!

Transportation is available from in front of building 500 (the normal bus stop) throughout the Festival, both evenings.

Watch this space for updates but to give you a taste of how much fun this FESTIVAL  is to be, have a look at the LINE UP!

Friday 22 July:
17h30 - HardroniJamBand
19h00 - Tony Arnold
20h00 - Blend
21h00 - The Canettes
22h00 - Miss Proper
23h00 - Shocking Pink
24h00 - D’ANGLERZ

Saturday 23 July:
17h30 - HardroniJamBand
18h00 - (What’s Next?)0.5
19h00 - Awesome
20h00 - The Tape Trade
21h00 - Data?Fail!
22h00 - Sour Hurricane
23h00 - Physt
24h00 - Total Blackout

Music On The Lawn 2011

As part of the Fete de la Musique 2011, the CERN MusiClub is organizing Music on the Lawn, an informal concert for Club musicians/bands. The event will take place from 14h00 to 20h00 on Saturday 25th June on the terrace of restaurant no 1.

This year 8 MusiClub bands will be performing…

  • Groovy Gang
  • A Drop of Red
  • Picture Flame
  • Tony Arnold
  • The Nearlies
  • Danglerz
  • Rise
  • Wot

So put the date in your diaries and spend a sunny afternoon listening to some great live music (and unlike Paleo and Montreux it’s FREE!!!!)

Music On The Lawn 2011

Click our Music on the Lawn 2011 link at the top of the page for complete information and to take a gander at the poster, our illustrious President created with his own two hands!

2011 Hardronic Music Festival Announced!

Dates have been set for the 2011 Hardronic Music Festival: 22 and & 23 July. And we are fortunate to once again have a core crew of volunteers dedicated to making this year’s Festival even better than 2010’s!

If your band would like to apply for one of the 14 available slots, please see this page for eligibility requirements and application instructions.

If you would like to help with organization and were not at last months club event organizing meeting, please send a message to gboyd at cern dot ch.

2011 Hardronic Music Festival Poster Wanted
You are invited to submit your design for the official 2011 Hardronic Music Festivalposter. Entries will be accepted until noon 13 May (yep, that’s a Friday!). Qualifying entries must feature the event title (underlined, above), a template for custom band posters (as last year) and credit to the sponsors (to be supplied). If there are no qualifying entries, your freedom to criticize the final poster design is rescinded :-P.

You can sign up for your favorite Festival chores here. - WE NEED SHOW DIRECTORS AND STAGE MANAGERS!

Watch this space for more news!

Hardronic Festival 2010 - TWO DAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in and came to the 2010 Hardronic Music Festival. We are already making plans for next year’s event to be even bigger and better!

Did you miss your favorite act or want to hear them, again? The videos came out great, this year and many bands are posting them to the web —

Thanks to Christoph BALLE for posting his pictures of the Festival.

Here are some photos of The Almighty D’anglerz.

I’ll post more links as they arrive to me (send them in, guys!!)

Hardronic 2010

IMPORTANT: CERN MusiClub Booking Sheet RULES policy changes

The CERN MusiClub, in the 2009 AGM and again in the 2009/2010 Board Meeting, approved changes to the booking sheet rules.  They are as follows:

  1.  You may only book one HIGH-USAGE spot per week.
  2. HIGH-USAGE spots are Monday through Friday from 12h00-14h00 and again from 18h00-0h00.
  3. All other spots, outside the times stated above, are available for multiple bookings.
  4. You must alert everyone on the mailing list, IMMEDIATELY when bookings are not going to be used, CANCEL* your rendezvous, if possible.
  5. Please do not book a “regular rehearsal spot” more than 2 months in advance. This allows for new bands to get the High-Usage and/or prime weekend spots from time to time as well.
  6. These rules will be used in both

*discussion is ongoing about shortening the window for cancellations, it is currently set at no less than 48 hours before the rehearsal spot begin.

WIRED4FAME 2010!!!

Every Friday night is the same…come home tired from work, fix some food or go grab a bite to eat and then what? home? some lame disco? that same movie you’ve seen at least 3 times? HELL NO!!! You have a better choice….COME TO WIRED4FAME at Undertown in Meyrin. 7 rockin bands, free entry and inexpensive drinks…I mean, think about it…a night to remember(or not, depending on how many beers you put back)!!!

Doors open at 20H with The Nearlies starting up at 20h15. Rockin’ don’t stop until What’s Next? completes their set at 01:30. 

Come out and support CMC…your ears will only bleed for a couple of days! LOL

Upcoming Events in 2010

Prepare your agendas, here are the upcoming CERN Musiclub events:

  • Music on the lawn - Saturday 26 June
  • Hardronic Festival - Friday AND Saturday 16 & 17 July
  • Undertown Festival (Meyrin) - September or October
  • CERN@The Scene (Geneva) - TBA
  • Fifteen minutes of fame - December
  • Wired4Fame - February or March 2011, Undertown in Meyrin (check back for further details)

More news soon !